The rose in a glass dome of the fairytale Beauty and the Beast is one of the most iconic things in the story and believe it or not, it exists!

The Forever Roses Company creates a Beauty and Beast style of roses.

The Forever Roses are 100 % natural and live forever when protected in a glass dome without the need of water or sunlight and if unprotected live up to three years.

Their most popular rose is the single stem Bella rose in a glass dome – the one that started it all and available in 29 colors, price starts from $200.

But aside from tons of colors to choose from, Forever Roses creates different flower arrangements with some can cost as much as $4000 and up. Whoa!

Here are more Forever Roses:

The Bella Green Rose
The Bella Pink Rose
The Bella White Rose
The Bella Blue Rose
The Bella Sister Roses
The Bella Brothers Roses
The Enchanted Garden
The Great Dome

These roses are the perfect gift for your loved ones while watching Beauty and The Beast 2017 movie in your favorite theater.

However, if you’re on a tight budget but still want a floral fairytale experience for your loved one, you can find some cheaper alternatives on Etsy for just $90.

Any way, it’s the thought that counts!

Via Bored Panda