Surprise marriage proposal has been a trend nowadays. While each dedicated boyfriend has their own ways of proposals, flashmob is by far the most popular among all. And today you’ll witness another heart warming one. If you love dancing and wedding surprises, then you definitely have to see this video…

A couple was having a date at JR Osaka Station Carillon Square when suddenly the crowd stops…


While frozen in time, an unknown woman steps in and started dancing to the beat of “Louder” by Charice Pempengco.


To their surprise, it was a flashmob! Little by little, the dancers started to emerge, even the waiters were part of the gimmick.


Then one guy sitting beside them lifted her girlfriend, seems like he’s going for a proposal…


What happened next is purely romantic… watch the video!

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This heartwarming proposal was made possible by Emotion Sunrise, a team dedicated to performing flashmobs for wedding surprises. I think they succeeded in delivering the excitement and surprise to the crowd, especially to the guy’s girlfriend. With a proposal like this who would say “no”? What a sweet proposal!