It is rare to see a woman proposing to a man, so as a professor proposing to a student. But one brave female professor in China defies all odds and dares to propose to a student in front of the whole campus.

Students at the Hunan University of Arts and Science were lucky to witness such rare, romantic and somewhat controversial proposal.

Dressed in a wedding gown, she bravely gathers all her strength and went on to declare her love towards the student.professor_propose_3
With the help of her accomplices who also wear wedding dresses, they begin their quest to win the man of her dreams.professor_propose_8

According to reports, students at the university confirmed that the two have known each other for quite a while. Apparently, the professor had been planning that special day for a long time.

The romantic scene had gathered a bunch of audience.teacher propose to student 1
I guess this means “Yes!”
teacher propose to student 2

Pictures of the romantic proposal have gone viral on the Chinese social media, with some expressing their envy over the guy.

One wrote, “Where can I find such a good teacher?” While the another said, “Adult video has become reality, brother I envy you a bit.”


It’s quite understandable if the female professor didn’t want to show her face. Student-teacher relationship in a campus is considered “Taboo” or it’s forbidden. Still, her boldness and bravery to execute this romantic stunt is absolutely admirable!

H/T: Shanghaiist