This is actually an old photo way back in 2013 who goes viral wherein a poor farmer in Thailand poses with his son who newly graduated in college. This touching photo captioned: “A poor farmer supported his son to complete his graduation; My father is my biggest pride said the son. How many likes does this great father deserve?” gained more than 100,000 likes, comments, and shares by Cambodians and foreigners on Facebook.

The story behind this photo was simply amazing, a Reddit user said that the father was a poor farmer whose wife died soon after giving birth to her son. The farmer sold all his belongings to pay for an education for his son. Eventually through the father’s perseverance his beloved son graduated at Ratchpatr University in Chiang Rai (far northern Thailand). This is remarkable because the graduate is Hmong from Thailand (Nan Province จ.นาน) who are poor, marginalized Hill tribesmen who don’t often finish school. But despite that fact, this proud father still manage to give his son a chance of becoming something in life.

A symbol of a father’s sacrifice to give his son a chance of becoming something in life.


This picture shows the true love between a father and the dearest son who is proud to present his grateful parents.


The father seems to be very proud of his son.


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This touching story moved me to tears reminding me of my parents who work hard for me, making me the man I am now. This is also to remind those spoiled brat kids who don’t even know what their parents are going through every day, those who doesn’t feel guilty when not studying or when goofing off, and to those who took their parents for granted! Our parents will do anything for us without thinking about themselves – A selfless act called “love”. I hope this story opens our eyes to love our family as much as we can and motivates us to strive harder and not give up in life whether we are rich or poor.

Source: Reddit