China is a huge country and its rapid growth in the past years needs much attention and careful planning.  China’s explosive growth, especially in population, strains the country’s resources is in food production but when the government’s action can’t match or didn’t reach the lower class people, things like counterfeits are tend to arise. It saddened me that even the common foods can’t escape in the hands of criminals. They don’t care if babies will die as long as they can profit from it.

1. Cardboard Steamed Buns

carboard steamed buns

“Street foods are the source of income of many poor people, but not even street food in China is safe from criminals. There are rumors about street vendors in Beijing filling cardboard in their pork buns and it was published in a Chinese newspaper in 2007. “The vendors allegedly soak the cardboard in chemicals to soften it, mix it with pork fat, and stuff it in the buns.” What if the chemicals that soften the cardboard kills the person who eats the bun? WTF?”

2. Fake Meat Made From Rats

rat meat

“Almost thousand has been arrested in China after trying to pass off rat meat as a different meat for the last couple of years. In the investigation, the rat meat is produced under extremely unsanitary conditions and sold as beef. Police said, “It’s common for thieves to use banned chemicals to process the meat and inject water to increase its weight.” It is not said if the meat is a house rat or a rice field rat.”

3. Fake Rice Noodles

fake rice noodles

“50 factories in southern China near the city of Dongguan were discovered manufacturing numerous amounts of rice noodles made from rotten grain and possibly poisonous flavorings in 2010.  These factories are believed to make up to 1.1 million pounds of fake noodles every day before being closed by the authorities.”

4. Walnuts Filled With Cement

wallnuts filled cement

“Walnut’s price in China dramatically increase over the years, and demand had gone up. To increase the profits, thieves’ collected empty walnut shells, fill it with paper and concrete rocks and then glue it together. This risky mischief can pay a load of cash if pulled perfectly, and until now these fake walnuts are being sold in China”

5. Melamine Milk

2. Melamine Milk

“In 2009, 53,000 infants and children in China got ill after drinking contaminated milk. The milk is said to be “enhanced” with the chemical melamine in an attempt to increase the protein content of the milk. But melamine is like cyanide, it means poisonous for humans, especially for infants. Four babies had died because of the poisonous milk according to reports.”

6. Fake Eggs

4. Fake Eggs

“You might not believe it, just by using a mixture of industrially fabricated ingredients you can produce fake eggs. Some food companies in China were able to pull this tricks, produce and sell fake eggs. It seems like the fake eggs came from a mad scientist lab, made up of gelatin, water, and food coloring, while the fake shells were made from wax.”

7. Fake Rice

fake rice

“Reporters in the town of Taiyuan, in the Shaanxi province, are circulating reports about new food scandal…fake rice!  According to articles, the fake rice was sold in the town and it was made from a mixture of potatoes and plastic. A Chinese Restaurant Association official confirmed the reports and led an investigation to find who the culprit was. It is said that eating three bowls of this fake rice would be like eating one plastic bag. OMG!”

8. Fake Wines

Police officers check bottles of confiscated fake wines before destroying them in Xi'an

“Among all the food fakes in China, wine is the number one and ton of them are fakes. People who don’t know anything about wine would be tricked by the expensive-looking labels of these counterfeits wines. Once you drink it, the wines are nothing more than cheap fruit juice. These criminals took advantage of these poor consumers who only wants to indulge themselves with some wine.”

9. Bacteria Contaminated Glowing Pork


“In 2011, a woman bought a pound of pork for dinner and forgot to put the leftovers away. When she woke up in the middle of the night to drink water, she noticed a blue glow on the table. She was stunned to know that it was the pork she ate for dinner. According to the analysis by local food safety officials, the pork was contaminated with phosphorescent bacteria which could be dangerous to our health.”

Bonus: Glued Meat

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