We are often told by our loved ones not to get too much drunk as shitty things might happen when we are overpowered by alcohol. Drinking too much might cause health problems, accidents, self-harm or you might get taken advantage of.

Women mostly experience the last, as pervert men often took advantage of drunk women where they are most vulnerable. Thus many intoxicated women nowadays are being sexually assaulted, such as this Chinese women who was molested by a stranger in public after passing out on the street.

The extremely drunk woman was sitting in front of a Good Cafe’ at Nanyang City, China when a man approached her.

Man gropes drunk passed-out woman 1

But instead on helping the unconscious young lady, the man molested her and put his fingers in her private parts.

Man gropes drunk passed-out woman 2

Meanwhile, a passerby witnessed the incident but didn’t bother to intervene or call the authorities. Instead, he took his mobile phone and photographed the whole s3xual assault then posted it on social media.

If this incident isn’t convincing enough, then you should watch this video of a sexy lady who pretended to be drunk and guess how men approached her.

This is why you shouldn’t drink too much. May this story serves as warning to all women, there are many sexual predators out there, they are just waiting for their chance to attack so beware.