Sometimes we foresee things that might happen but most of the time we are expecting too much (or i’d rather say dreaming too much?) Here are 25 funny photos that will make you reminisce those expectation vs. reality moments, surely you can relate unto this. The marriage thing really nailed it! LOL

Swimming pool expectations

expectations-vs-reality-meme 1

Your new years resolution

expectations-vs-reality-meme 2

How about your plan this summer?

expectations-vs-reality-meme 3.1

Totally nailed it!

expectations-vs-reality-meme 3

Family bonding

expectations-vs-reality-meme 4.0

Most of the time my cat kicks me in the face..

expectations-vs-reality-meme 4.1

Well dogs do that too!

expectations-vs-reality-meme 4

Snoring , who cares i’m asleep!

expectations-vs-reality-meme 5.1

How you draw…

expectations-vs-reality-meme 6

When studying…

expectations-vs-reality-meme 7.1

This is why I hate Facebook!

expectations-vs-reality-meme 7

After breaking up…

expectations-vs-reality-meme 8

What I’ve been dreaming of

expectations-vs-reality-meme 11

Little mermaid be like

expectations-vs-reality-meme 13


expectations-vs-reality-meme 17.1

Forever alone…

expectations-vs-reality-meme 17

And a big slap in the face

expectations-vs-reality-meme 18.1

Those advertisements

expectations-vs-reality-meme 18.2

All time favorite chip

expectations-vs-reality-meme 18

How about baking?

expectations-vs-reality-meme 19.1

What pirates look like

expectations-vs-reality-meme 19

Do you want to build a snowman?

expectations-vs-reality-meme 24

Or try mountain climbing?

expectations-vs-reality-meme 25.1

Better relax at your apartment

expectations-vs-reality-meme 27.1

Have a vacation in Egypt instead

expectations-vs-reality-meme 27

Bonus: But you don’t have enough money left!

expectations-vs-reality-meme 28

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