Some cheated wives remain quiet after all the pain, but there are many who will not tolerate such adultery. One of them is a cheated wife from China who violently attacked a mistress.

The vicious attack which happened in Kunming, China, left bystanders and passersby in shock as the furious wife slapped, kicked, and hit the half-naked mistress with a broom.

For more than 30 minutes, the wife hits and strips the mistress, who couldn’t do anything but curl up to protect herself from too much damage and humiliation.

wife beat mistress 1

The wife can be heard shouting at the mistress for stealing something that doesn’t belong to her. Obviously she’s pertaining to the husband.

wife beat mistress 2

The mistress apologizes as she cries, but the enraged wife doesn’t intend to stop her vengeance. She only laid off her hands when the authorities arrived at the scene.

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May this be a lesson to all those who are cheating. Somehow it should be her husband whom she should be giving punishment.

Sources: Tomo News US, TNP