Wereblog already featured several notorious serial killers like Jorge Beltrao Negromonte and his cult. If you thought that story was already gruesome, wait till you read this one.

In the late 1940s and 50s there was one man who committed some of the most infamous crimes in the world. In fact, they were so horrifying that his sadistic killing spree became the basis of three creepy characters in Hollywood suspense horror movies – Norman Bates in Psycho, Leatherface in Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Jame Gumb or Buffalo Bill in the critically acclaimed 1992 Oscar Best Picture Silence of the Lambs.

Meet Edward Theodore Gein, the world’s most gruesome murderer!

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He butchered and decapitated his victims, collected and stored severed body parts in his home, and dug up graves for suits made of human skin!

Gein started killing after he lost his sanity when his mother Augusta Crafter died in 1945. He sadistically preyed on corpses that looked similar to his mother and even wanted to change his gender just to be like her.

To imitate her identity, Gein wanted to make “women suits”. So he dug up graves, stole the corpses and took them home.

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Being an upholsterer, he knew how to skin the corpses.

After skinning, he tanned the skin…

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And made them into suits that he would wear around his home.

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Then in 1957 his bizarre fascination with the female body became much worse. Gein murdered Bernice Worden, a hardware employee from Plainfield, Wisconsin. According to investigators she was shot and killed with a .22 caliber rifle.

The police found her decapitated remains hanging upside down like an animal in a slaughterhouse.

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She was already dead when Gein mutilated her. He split her ribcage open to remove her internal organs.

After they found Worden’s body, police then discovered his grim collection of furniture and other objects made of human skin and body parts in his home.

ed gein 5Image credit: moviepilot

This pair of gloves made of human skin.

ed gein 6Image credit: moviepilot

A trunk that appears to be a decapitated leg.

ed gein 7Image credit: moviepilot

A necklace made of human tongues.

ed gein 8Image credit: moviepilot

A wall decor made of human nipples and fingers with his photo.

ed gein 9Image credit: moviepilot

And this belt made of human nipples.

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Aside from this atrocious collection, Gein also displayed skulls on the corner posts of his bed, made a ceiling light pull from human lips and turned skull caps into soup bowls.

The police also found numerous boxes filled with decomposing body parts.

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He also confessed that he shot and killed another woman named Mary Hogan who went missing in 1954.

In his statement Gein admitted to visiting 40 graveyards while he was in a dreamy state of hallucination. But he also said that he “snapped out of it” at least 30 times and went back home. He never sexually violated the female corpses because he said that “They smelled too bad.”

He stole from nine graves but he was never convicted for these heinous crimes. Gein was found “not guilty” by reason of insanity by Judge Robert H. Gollmar.

Instead of being incarcerated Gein was sent to a mental health institution.

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Gein was never released and died from respiratory and heart failure due to cancer on July 26, 1984.

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His tombstone can be seen at a museum in Wautoma, Wisconsin.

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That is the spine-tingling life story of the world’s most notorious criminal who became a cultural icon years after his death. Do you think he should have been given multiple life sentences instead of being institutionalized? Share this story and your thoughts below.

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