Having a garden is a beautiful thing. But it takes hard-work, patience, determination, and love and caring to make it pretty maybe a little like these gardens. It doesn`t matter if you have a green thumb or not, neither a big nor a small garden for as long as you put your heart in taking caring of your garden and your plants, sooner or later these plants will blossom into one of a kind garden. But before these things happen, here are some easy tips and tricks for you try and make your dream garden into reality!


1. Want to grow sweeter tomatoes? Use baking soda, it works.                                via theKitchn baking soda  Sprinkle baking soda over your tomato plant once a week for sweeter fruit.

2. Want eco-friendly planters? Use a toilet paper rolls.                                via flickr / girlingearstudio biodegradable plantersCut a few slits at the end of a toilet paper roll so you can easily fold it up, then add your soil and seeds.

3. Slugs problem? Beer is the answer use a can of beer to repel slugs.                   via flickr / SteveR can of beerLeave beer out overnight in a dish. In the morning, the problem should be taken care of.

4. You can use your store-bought celery to grow more celery plants.      via The Organic Lemon celery plantsCut the bottom end off the celery and place it in a shallow dish of water in sunlight. When the celery stalk begins to grow from the center, you can plant it outside.

5. Problems with scattered soil? Use a coffee filter it will stay in one place.                       via PopSugar coffee filterLine your pot with a coffee filter to keep soil from escaping through the drainage hole at the bottom.

6. Adding coffee grounds to garden soil can enrich it and repels insects.                       via Lower Dover Field Journal coffee groundsWait until the plant is past the seedling stage before you add the grinds.

7. Rust problem? Store your garden tools in sand to keep them from rusting.                    via the dirt garden tools in sandThe sand will help to prevent corrosion and rust.

8. Paper towel trick is the best way to keep plants watered when you go out of town.  via lifehacker paper towel trickRoll up some paper towels and place one end in a glass of water, and drape the rest of the paper towel over your garden.

9. Make a two way planters so you can swap your plants every year.        via Florida Friendly Plants plantersKeep your plants around all year long with this method.

10. Vertical garden? No problem, use a shoe rack.                                                                 via pippa5 shoe rackStop your cats from digging in the garden by moving it to the wall.

11. Watering cans are too messy. Create a new one using milk jugs, works great.            via A Journey to a Dream z milk jug can wateringPoke a few holes in the lid of an old milk jug and you’ve got your new, easy-to-pour watering can.

12. Milk jugs are not just for watering plants, you can make a shovel too.            via a farm of your home z milk jug shovelTrace a scoop design onto a milk jug and cut along the line. Remember to include the handle!

via: Diply