Admit it, we all love swimming, especially the kids. But what we didn’t know is, there’s a hidden danger in swimming that everyone must know. Sadly, one parent learned this the painful way.

A mother was puzzled when his son died an hour after swimming at a public pool. And the cause of death shocked the parent as the child died from dry drowning. Yes, you read it right, the kid drowned even if he’s not in the water anymore.

It was a normal afternoon for Cassandra Jackson and her 10-year-old son Johnny, who went to a pool close to their house and enjoyed swimming.
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After an hour of swimming, the two went home. Johnny then told her mom that he felt tired.
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Since her son had been playing all day, she assumed that everything was normal. Later in the afternoon, the kid took a nap. But after an hour, Cassandra went to his room to check him and that’s when she discovered her lifeless son with his face covered in a foam-like substance. She immediately called 911, and the lad was brought to the hospital but Johnny was declared dead on arrival.

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The devastated mother had no idea what exactly happened to her son, until an autopsy revealed the cause of death. It was asphyxiation due to drowning also known as “dry drowning”.

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Dry drowning occurs when a person’s lungs are unable to extract oxygen from the air, thus depriving the brain of oxygen. Doctors said Johnny died from secondary drowning which means Johnny inhaled water that goes into his lung causing an injury and drowned him inside.

It is extremely rare and may occur up to 72 hours after swallowing water. It damages the internal lining of the lungs, preventing proper blood flow. While it is very unnoticeable, its common symptoms are as follows:

1. Difficulty in breathing.
2. Extreme tiredness.
3. Changes in behavior. (For example, if the child is abnormally cranky or combative.)

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Anyone can be a victim of dry drowning and that include adults, but children are more exposed to this silent killer. It may take place at a swimming pool, sea, or even a tub.

This mom’s story may be tragic but it could help save a child’s life. We encourage everyone to share this and raise more awareness about dry drowning. A simple intake of water may lead to death, so please pay more attention to your children when swimming.

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