When Russia intensifies its crackdown on drugs, addicts resorted to a cheaper substitute. Thus, a drug called ‘Krokodil’ was born.

Krokodil is a deadly opiate drug which is popular among injecting addicts in Russia and Ukraine. The horror it brings was captured and documented by Italian Photographer Emanuele Satolli.

Satolli has traveled to Yekaterinburg three times to document the horrifying effects of Krokodil. The first in 2013 and the most recent in 2016.

Krokodil or ‘desomorphine’ is ‘cooked’ from over-the-counter remedies containing codeine, as a cheap substitute for heroin.
Photo: Emanuele Satolli
It is just as addictive as the heroine and gives the same doped feeling. However, it has a more devastating effect on the body.
Photo: Emanuele Satolli

Excessive usage of the drug results to scaly skin and erodes the tissues of the brain and other vital organs.

It is this scaling of the skin that gives the drug its name, Krokodil, or crocodile.
Photo: Emanuele Satolli

But what’s even worst is that it rot away the flesh, mainly on the injection spot due to chemicals added during the cooking process, which uses paint thinner and phosphorous from matches.

It turns users into decaying zombies!
Photo: Emanuele Satolli
Sergey Agakalov, a Russian narcotics expert said, “A person becomes a zombie with their body rotting, the rancid smell of which is detected a few steps away.’
Zhanna died in 2015, after injecting the drug. -Photo: Emanuele Satolli

Users who use desomorphine often die within two years. The fact is the drug has already killed thousands of addicts in Russia and eastern Europe.

There’s nothing good about using drugs, its effects are irreversible. That’s why everybody must take part to stop illegal drugs so we could protect our future generation.

Via: Metro