Pimples are one or probably the major problem of teenagers because it could lead to a breakout. Most of us probably have encountered acne craziness during puberty. But there are some lucky ones who had less or maybe none during this period. Unfortunately there are few who had a terrible breakout and still suffering until they get old.

Well, we all know how painful and nasty popping up pimples are and it could even leave a scar on your face. So if you can afford, better seek the help of a professional before you make it worst.

Speaking of professional, there’s a doctor called Dr Pimple Popper who has a collection of perhaps the grossest pimple popping ever.


California based dermatologist Dr Sandra Lee started posting short clips of herself popping her clients’ pimples on Instagram. But to her delight, the clip gained a lot of interest and garnered more than 50,000 Instagram followers. She then decided to put up a full-length video of a blackhead extraction on YouTube, in December which instantly went viral with over 350,000 views.


Not realizing how big it would be, Dr Lee attracted nearly 60,000 YouTube Subscribers making her an instant internet sensation.


“I was floored to discover that there are so many people addicted to watching blackheads extracted and cysts and lipomas excised!” she wrote on her YouTube channel. “Now hopefully everyone wins! My patients get their pimples popped, and my popaholic fans sleep better at night, knowing that those blackheads were extracted.”


While I can’t barely watch her videos, it is surprising to know that many people actually enjoy watching zits being popped out. It seems like fans are getting an overwhelming feeling of calmness after seeing her clips.


Dr Lee told Racked Magazine that there are two kinds of fans “Some people just like blackheads, it’s like soft porn, a soft pop, and then there’s a hard pop, where people like more of a cyst.”


But Sandra’s videos are more than just popping pimples – her clips turned into great stories by showing the ‘human side’ of her patients by having them share their back story while maintaining anonymity.


If you are one of those who love a good blackhead squeeze, spot explosion or cyst removal, these footage will definitely leave you satisfied.

Warning: Graphic Content

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Somehow, Lee doesn’t enjoy watching other people squeeze their pimples without the proper tools. “I don’t watch any other videos,” she said. “They all kind of gross me out! When they’re amateur, I don’t want to hear screaming, I don’t like that stuff.”

She also claimed that she uses a ‘not so completely sterile’ but clean gloves and a comedone extractor to pop pimples. Dr. Lee also advised people they shouldn’t pop their own pimples because it might result in permanent scarring. For those who cannot resist picking, she recommends using a warm compress and pricking the blemish with a sterile needle when it comes to a head.

While people might think that she is addicted to those stuff, the truth is, she is not. “This isn’t everything that I do. In fact, it’s a very small part.” Dr. Pimple Popper who is also a skin cancer and cosmetic surgeon explained.

Sandra offers a free pimple extraction if you would allow her to post the procedure online. Got some pimples? She might leave you satisfied. So what are you waiting for?

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