China’s Yulin Dog Meat Festival has already gained international controversy. However, it seems that the craving for dog meat will never stop as another shocking video showing a greyhound being cooked alive has emerged online.

The horrific footage shows the moment the poor dog was tossed into a large tub of boiling water at a market in Shijiazhuang, northern China.


Two men quickly put a lid over the vat while the dog howls in pain, desperately trying to escape.


They kept the dog inside for several minutes until it stops struggling.


The dog’s lifeless body was then dragged out of the boiling water into a makeshift tray.


Here’s the horrifying footage:

According to non-profit organization Fight Dog Meat, over 10 million dogs are slaughtered each year in China’s dog meat trade.

Founder Michele Brown said the animals are tortured because of an ancient belief that tougher meat has more health benefits, including an increased male libido.

‘The only way to get the meat tough is to flood the conscious animal’s body with adrenaline,’ she told Daily Mail.

‘Most of the times the aim is not to kill the dog straight away… sometimes they will be tortured for hours’.

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Sadly, dog slaughter doesn’t happen in China alone. There is also a huge market for dog and cat meat in Vietnam, Cambodia Indonesia, India, South Korea, and more than 20 African countries.