Eating raw meat and fish has some risk, one is being prone to parasites. Remember the Chinese guy who loves sushi so much that his entire body was infested with tapeworms? Well he’s not alone, as another raw meat lover’s body was riddled with parasites due to his diet of raw meat.

Doctors were left stunned after they pulled out a 16 foot tapeworm from a raw meat lover’s rectum who complained of a stomach ache.PAY-Doctors-with-the-five-metre-tapeworm-secreted-from-Chens-body (1)

Known only as Chen, he is said to be a lover of Japanese raw meat and fish dish Sashimi, in which doctors said was the source of the parasites.

The 45-year-old man complained of stomach ache and was examined at the 303 Hospital in Nanning, South China, where doctors found tapeworm eggs in his stool. But besides from tapeworms, a parasite known as the Oriental liver fluke was also found attacking his liver, causing nausea, abdominal discomfort and diarrhea.

Doctors then gave Chen ‘praziquantel drug’ to flush the parasites out of his body and spent 5 days in hospital before medics were able to extract the long, segmented tapeworm from his rectum.

According to doctors, the parasite identified as a beef tapeworm came from consuming raw beef meat, which Chen regularly eats.PAY-Doctors-with-the-five-metre-tapeworm-secreted-from-Chens-body

On the other hand the liver flukes were caused by his love for raw fish. Tapeworm can grow up to 52 feet and live for up to 30 years in a host.

Chen has reportedly been sent home after a successful recovery from the treatment. This shocking incident will remind us to cook our food properly. — via: Mirror