A video of a doctor refusing to leave her patient during a hospital fire has gained praise and adoration on the internet.

The clip shows the dedicated doctor treating her patient, who by that time was having a crucial blood transfusion when the fire started to grow.

Dubbed as ‘Sister Calm’ the medic at Yangxin County People’s Hospital refused to leave her patient and stays calm despite the raging flame are clearly visible on the window.

Surprisingly, the male patient is as calm as the doctor while the nurses keep telling the doctor ‘hurry up’, but she ignores them and just focused on the patient.

One of the witnesses inside the hospital ward recorded the scene using a mobile phone and showed how the cool doctor is.

The fire is said to have started next door and quickly spread from the neighboring construction site up to the distance of the hospital.

The hospital was eventually evacuated until the fire is under control by firefighters. No injuries or death has been reported.

Via: Mirror