Nowadays, it doesn’t matter how talented you are. As long as you have eye-popping chests and behind, you’ll rise and shine. This kind of thinking gave birth to stereotyping that women should be like this and that. Leading many to use their body instead of their talents.

To prove such point, a Portuguese DJ shows her huge chests and sexy curves live on Facebook.

DJ Mari Ferrari danced and DJ’d for a full hour and 17 minutes in her Facebook live video, showing off her curvy body.

Behind her, you’ll notice something written on the wall stating, “I will be famous because of sexism”.

It seems like an ordinary background but in the last few minutes of the clip, Mari Ferrari suddenly took out two balloons from her shirt and then another two from her behind.

She revealed that those huge bumps are nothing but fake. Watch this!

The shocking turn of events left everyone stunned and confused. But it’s definitely clear that she aims to point out that people should not be judged based on appearance alone.

The sarcastic footage also shows us that turning some knobs and pretending to spin doesn’t make you a DJ, just because you are a hot girl showing some flesh. The irony of this is that sometimes “sexuality can make someone famous, not talents.”

This also goes for men, see those hot men singing on your screen despite not having enough talents? That’s the world we live in nowadays.

You can check here Facebook page HERE!