When a diver attempted to film a giant octopus, he was suddenly attacked by the sea creature. Yes, octopuses are slightly adorable creatures but they are freaking scary when they are huge and attacks you!

When the diver attempts to film the giant octopus, it moves towards him, tentacle-first.
It’s suction cups latches onto the diver’s arms and camera – making it almost impossible for him to move.

The diver explained, “It’s very rare to see that type of octopus in the 80ft of water we were in. I was a little worried that that octopus wasn’t going to come off.”

The two were engaged in a tug of war and only ended when the diver was able to set off his camera flash.

He said, “Finally when we started taking photos the octopus got off the camera. We didn’t bother it, I think it was just curious.”

The scary encounter occurred in Bluefish Cove, California and was caught on camera by a fellow diver. However, the incident is so rare knowing that the North Pacific giant octopus is said to be a quiet creature – only venturing out to catch prey.

Via: Daily Star