Disneyland is one of the happiest places on Earth. I heard stories that workers are happy and contented working in this park.

People who come and go are left with a big fat smile on their faces after visiting. But what if I told you that ghosts are wandering in this wonderful place?

Caught on Cam: Ghost Walking Around Disneyland At Night.


A spooky security footage has caught a ghost wandering through the park after a few hours when all guests and workers are gone.

disney ghost 1

The video which seems to be genuine was originally published on YouTube in 2009 but again went viral.

Some said It’s Walt Disney and other past employee’s spirits that wander through the place.

disney gost 2

While others say it’s just special effects, a prank being played by some individual. But what you are about to see might change your beliefs in ghost.

The unexplained mystery has confused experts and many people around the world. Is it a ghost or is it not? I’m leaving the judgment in your hands.

Via: Sliptalk