They say that when you decide to marry you don’t just marry the love of your life but his entire family as well. Isn’t it more romantic if a man proposes to the family at the same time he asks the woman to marry him? One man has planned one of the sweetest marriage proposals I’ve seen recently. For all the single parents out there, this will truly make you cry!

Derrick Kaiklian wanted to marry his girlfriend Jackie but aside from proposing to her, he also wants to propose to her daughter Gianna. So he planned everything with the help of his friend Justin Carrillo – the cameraman and editor of this video.

Derrick told Jackie and Gianna that they would be having a “lifestyle family shoot for Jackie’s birthday.”

Derrick Kaiklian proposal

Then the couple together with Gianna and Justin proceeded to the marina where Derrick had rented a gondola.

Derrick Kaiklian proposal 9

They were passing under a bridge when Jackie saw a crowd of their family members and friends on top of it.

Derrick Kaiklian proposal 10

And there goes his proposal!

Derrick Kaiklian proposal 4

As the crowd cheered, Derrick took the necklace out of the box and proposed to Gianna.

Derrick Kaiklian proposal 7

Then he got down on one knee for the “second proposal” as he asked Jackie to be his wife.

Derrick Kaiklian proposal 8

Watch the romantic “two proposals” here:

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I commend Derrick for his thoughtfulness and for treating Gianna as if she was his own. Jackie is so fortunate to have someone like him. How do you feel about his proposal? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.