It’s already midnight and I can’t sleep. So I opened my computer and browse some good movies to spend my night. Then I came out with this hair-raising Malaysian short film titled DELETE from Dog House 73 Pictures that instantly catches my attention.

The story is about four girls who have an assignment about urban legends. One night they sneak into an abandoned bathroom at their University where it is rumored that a young woman disappeared at the said location. The teens went on, only to find out something that will curse them forever.

One night, four girls break into an abandoned bathroom at their University as part of their class assignment on urban legends.

delete horror film 01

The girls didn’t find anything in the bathroom, no dead body, no urban legend…

delete horror film 05

Only a pink digital camera left in one of the stalls.

delete horror film 02

Using the camera, the teens took a selfie and decided to take it home for further analysis.

delete horror film 03

Since then strange things begin to happen; a phone call from a mysterious voice under heavy static urging them to “delete”.


Watch the spine-chilling film below:

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From great storyline, good production, and direction, to brilliant actings, this short film is indeed one of the best short horror films I’ve ever seen. Worth watching and sharing!

Directed by: Sidney Chan | Subscribe: Doghouse73 Pictures