Is it a miracle, or just a mistaken diagnosis?

A three-year-old Filipino girl wakes up at her own funeral in Aurora, Zamboanga del Sur and now a subject of attention all over the world.

A family was utterly crushed when they found out their daughter had been declared clinically dead at a local clinic, Friday morning.

The very same day she was brought back to their house where the wake was held.

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On Saturday, the child’s remain was brought to the local church for a Mass before burial. However family members were surprised when a mourner opened the casket one last time, when he noticed the slight movement of the little girl’s head. Springing into to action, the rescuer immediately checked for a pulse and heartbeat.

Everyone was shocked when they found out that she was ALIVE!

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Watch this report:

Source: GMA NEWS

However, the report said the doctors insisted the girl had been clinically dead, and that they tried to save her.

UPDATE:  Filipina toddler who woke up at her own funeral Mass is dead again!

AURORA – It’s the stuff of miracles: a 3-year-old girl that was supposed to be buried last Saturday, July 12, allegedly “moved” her head and fingers just as the priest was giving the last sacrament.

A video of the alleged resurrection, which went viral on Facebook, showed the grandfather of the child lifting the baby out of the wooden coffin and carrying her out of the church.

The baby was brought to a local hospital where doctors said the baby had no pulse and was dead.

Undaunted, the family of the child brought the baby home where the mother gave the baby milk.

Wena Romarate told ABS-CBN News that her baby had been sick for at least two weeks and had died of bronchial pneumonia last Thursday, July 10.

She said they were supposed to bury the baby when it allegedly “moved” during the Mass last Saturday.

Wena said Fr. Nilo Tabaña of San Isidro Parish Church advised them to bring the baby home, which was swiftly denied by the priest.

Fr. Tabaña said he could not give advice to the family because there were a lot of people in the church when the alleged “resurrection” took place.

Wena admitted that she consulted a quack doctor (albularyo) who told them that the baby still had a pulse and should not be buried.

She admitted that they were still hoping that the baby would still be alive.

On Monday, Aurora, Zamboanga del Sur municipal health officer Mary Silyne Cabahug showed the mom a cardiac monitor that showed the baby had no pulse.

“The baby has no heartbeat. Flatline. The baby has no life,” she said.

Doctors have advised the family to bury the body since it is now beginning to decompose and smell.

The family is now thinking of burying the baby within the week.

-Quoted from ABS CBN NEWS