David Egan is the first person with an intellectual disability to be awarded the Joseph P. Kennedy Foundation Public Policy Fellowship. Despite his disability, David was able to accomplish a lot of things. In this interview, he talked about the challenges he faced and all the hard work to get to where he is.

It is true that it is disheartening when doctors and health professionals tell you how to raise your child. Every parent wants what is best for their children. David’s parents raised him the best they could.

He can relate to families facing challenges in raising a child with a disability. He helps in explaining things to people and make them understand that person with a disability are more like the normal person than different.

They have dreams and want to become successful as well.

At a young age, around 8, David joined the track and field and from there he moved to swimming. For special Olympics, he accomplished many things. He won a lot of medals, Gold, bronze, silver, ribbons and trophies.

He received over 200 medals.

David Egan said “I don’t let anything stop me. I’m very active and I get that from my family. It always starts with family. It’s just really great to know that they are there for me when I need them”.

He applied for a community fellowship. Working on Capitol Hill with the ways and means committee. He advanced Advocacy efforts of organizations and individuals. He wants to make sure that their abilities are more shown than their disabilities.

He said – People will realize that people with disabilities can be put in leadership roles. I think we have to impact the world in some way. You want to leave a mark in this world. We want to make sure that the world knows why we matter, that’s where I want to be remembered. Someone as a constant reminder that something great is happening.

“I’m just using my life as an example to press on other people’s lives”. – David Egan

He truly is an inspiration, not just to people with disability but also to many who are able but losing hope thinking that they couldn’t succeed in life because of setbacks.

Credits: David EganMoments Channel