A heartbreaking video of a father who takes his terminally ill daughter to the grave every day to play and rest as he prepares her for her own death left everyone in tears.

2-year-old Zhang Xinlei was born with a serious blood disorder called thalassemia which requires regular and expensive medical treatment.

Over the last two years, Xinlei’s family has spent 140,000 yuan on her medical treatment and has now gone broke which led her dad to bring her to the grave every day to play and rest so she won’t be afraid when the time comes.

Since no one is willing to loan them any money for her treatment, Xinlei’s parents started preparing for what seems unavoidable.

The couple even offered their own blood to keep their daughter alive but the doctors denied them for their incompatibility from Xinlei’s blood.

Because of this, the couple resorted to having another child to save Xinlei’s life. But even if the infant shares Xinlei’s blood type, the operation is costly for the family to handle.

In desperation to save their daughter, Deng Min Xinlei’s mom launched an appeal on Shuidichou.com, China’s version of GoFundMe, with a target goal of 200,000 yuan.

After the little girl’s story shared by Pear Video went viral, donations began pouring in and they have already raised more than 107,000 yuan as of writing.

Xinlei’s story even went overseas and touched the heart of a British woman who even launched a GoFundMe campaign to help the poor child which garnered £641 after one day.

Via: Shanghaiist