Kids nowadays are totally different than before, that’s why some parents had gone overboard in order to discipline them. Just like this video of a father punishing his son for misbehaving too much.

The shocking footage shows a 13-year-old boy tied to a ladder face down while his father repeatedly dunks him underwater.

The poor boy comes up sputtering for air and spitting water and pleads to his father,  “I’ll change! I’ll change!”.

“Then change,” his father replies before dunking his son’s head back to the pond.

Apparently, the boy’s father has gone tired of his son’s misbehaving and wanted to teach him a lesson that he would not forget.

Though many viewers were horrified by the man’s method of teaching his kid, still others applauded him claiming that kids today are becoming spoiled “little emperors.”

The incident happened on Thursday, June 29, in Yueyang, Hunan province in China. However, it’s not clear if local police are investigating the incident.

Do you think the father did the right thing or is it too much? Have your say in the comments section below.

Via: Shanghaiist