Pranks are normal when you’re in a relationship. However, one guy has been pushing the boundaries of his relationship with his girlfriend by brutally pranking her.

Internet prankster Kevin Freshwater, from Brentwood, Essex, hilariously pranks his arachnophobic girlfriend Grace Alexa Sullivan.


By the word “arachnophobic”, it is safe to say that Grace is extremely afraid of spiders and other arachnids.


However, Kevin took advantage of his girlfriend’s phobia and savagely pranks her by telling her there’s a spider nearby. But the truth is, there’s no spider at all.

He did it not just once but several times and even made a hilarious compilation of it.

Pranks are part of getting along with our better half. However, we must not abuse that privilege. On the other hand, I guess Grace saw the funny side of the prank as she smiles at the end of the video.