A crazy boyfriend pranks her girlfriend by putting chili pepper on her thong. How cruel is that?

Hammy TV has been exchanging pranks with his girlfriend for quite some time.

In his latest prank, he rubbed some Satan’s Blood chile extract on his partner’s underwear before she works out.

The poor woman then wears the rigged thong and goes outside for a run.

But as she jogs the hot sauce started to take effect and her bum was set on fire!

She tried to pour water on her behind to ease the burning sensation but it seems to have gotten worse and literally runs toward home to pour milk down her pants.

She then went to the bathroom and out of her frustration throws her pants at her boyfriend then later asked for the box milk.

Hammy TV was the same prankster who got his girlfriend to wear vibrating pants whilst in the car with his mother.

I guess, a relationship goal nowadays has been getting crazier every day. What do you think?