A man in India had been complaining about a strange itch in his ear. And when he finally decided to go to the doctor to get it checked out, guess what? Everyone was shocked when they discovered what the cause is. It wasn’t a disease, or a hearing disability, nor an infection but it was something worse and horrifying.

Doctors at the South Zone ENT Research Centre in Villupuram, Tamil Nadu, India checked out this man’s ear due to a strange itch.earbug1
And what they found out was a massive cricket making its way into the poor man’s ear canal.earbug2
Urgently doctors used tweezers to pull the cricket out of the man’s ear.earbug3
Eventually they grabbed and pulled it out, leaving the patient unharmed. And there it is, a creepy crawling cricket!earbug4
They caught it all in tape. Watch it!

According to Michael Sweet an expert on invertebrate biology, crickets in warm countries like India hide during the day and emerge at night. It is likely this cricket crawled into the man’s ear while he was sleeping and waited there to hide until nightfall. I think I’ll be covering my ears when sleeping from now on.

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This story is truly shocking! I might be covering my ears from now on.

Source: Metro