We’ve heard several stories of haunted dolls that send shiver down our spine. We’ll there’s something really creepy about them honestly. Apparently, there’s one doll – a creepy walking doll that’s spreading fear among netizens with its uncanny human abilities.

Though originally posted two years ago, the video of the doll shot in Saltillo, Mexico has gone viral again after being shared millions of times on various social media platforms.

What’s creepy about this doll is her huge black eyes…
And when you take her hands, it will walk alongside you. Yes, it can walk!


YouTuber Antonio Lopez who shared the video said, the owner of the doll has had it in her possession for nearly 40 years.

According to Mexican newspaper Excelsior, the doll might be a Lily Lady from the 70s and 80s, designed to teach young girls to walk.

The clip has been seen more than two million times and has been terrifying viewers all over the world.

Watch the video:


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Via: Unilad