In 2014, Kim Davison and her friend, Jessie Lu, took their kids to Murphy’s Hole, located in Lockyer River of Queensland, Australia.

But when she looked at a family photo taken earlier that day, Kim discovered someone not belonging to the group. A creepy image believed to be a ghost of a child.

The group, consisting of 2 adults and 3 kids, decided to have a swim at Murphy’s Hole.

While enjoying the water, they all posed for some family photos.

Later that day, Kim reviewed the photos, only to find a mysterious fourth child included in the photo, in between the two adults.

There were only three children with them that day, but the photo shows four of them!

Kim swears that there was nothing but water when she took the photo. She says that while she was holding the little girl, there had been nothing in the gap between the two adults.

Kim was then petrified when she remembers what her daughter told her that something “grabs her leg” a couple of times that day.

Looking closely at the photo, you can see that it has a bright white face, dark eyes and two shapes on either side of its head which looks like a horn.

She insisted the white head had horns, was not human, and also noted the “long skeletal-type fingers” on her shoulder and her daughter’s arm.

Kim posted the photo on Facebook and went viral instantly. Paranormal enthusiasts and experts took the liberty to examine a negative version of the image and believed there’s something more than just a splash of water.

But as soon as the picture went viral, a chilling story about Murphy’s Hole emerges dating back a 100 hundred years ago…

In 1915, 100 years before Kim took her family to the place, a girl drowned in that very same creek.

13-year-old Doreen O’Sullivan accidentally drowned in Murphy’s Hole on a hot November day.

Known by her family as “Goo,” it took almost an hour before her body was recovered in the water. The incident left her father James devastated that he forbade anyone in the family from talking about Goo again.

A clipping from Brisbane Courier newspaper from November 22, 1915, which includes the child’s death notice also emerges.

Goo was buried at Gore Hill Cemetery in the O’Sullivan Family plot. Numerous people attended her funeral service including children from her convent school, dressed in all white who marched beside the hearse.

Paranormal experts seemed to agree that the strange “other” child in the photo was, in fact, the ghost of Goo. Kim also recalls that there were other strange occurrences that day.

“When I went back in for one last dip to cool off, I did feel something behind me as I was walking out of [the] water but tried to ignore it,” she said.

Murphy’s Hole, located in Lockyer River of Queensland, Australia. It is over 20 feet deep and has always been considered dangerous.

However, some cynical viewers believed that the figure was nothing more than a splash of water, a strange reflection, or overexposure from the sun.

Ghost or not, this story will surely give anyone quite a scare.

Via: Little Things