Late for class? No Problem, this cool dad uses his helicopter to give his son a ride to school who is late for class.

A kid was seen running out of a helicopter and went straight inside the school after it landed in the car park.
The Robinson R22 Beta landed outside the school in the elite Lipky district of Kiev, the capital, as passers-by filmed the rare event.
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According to Metro, the boy is the son of Andrey Palchevskii, a former Deputy Minister of Sports for Ukraine.

Despite the classic approach of Mr. Palchevskii on his son being late for his class, his action has sparked debate online.

A woman named Anna Melenchuk said, “All we can hope is that such people get a proper judgment one day. Only this way will humanity have a shot of getting stabilized again.”

But Artyon Ulibin has rebutted the woman saying, “Don’t be jealous. Why would you bother with that? It is great when people are able to afford such things.”

However, some people think it was just a movie stunt.

Still, it was really cool to have a helicopter drop you off to school when you’re running late.