We were accustomed that pigs are raised to get fat so they could be sold for a huge amount. However, a pig farmer in Hunan province has been doing something out of the ordinary that benefitted both him and the pigs he raises.

Since 2012, pig farmer Huang Demin from Ningxiang County has been making his pigs swim as part of a fitness routine.
He believes that swimming improves the pigs’ immune system and provides exercise which adds to the quality and taste of the pork.
Huang even made a 10-foot diving board so his pigs can practice their diving skills adding more panache to their routine.
Huang brings his pigs to the platform every day and makes each of them dive into the pond.
Then he let them swim for a while before bringing them back to the farm.

Huang said the practice were both beneficial for him and the pigs. Since they are active, the fat doesn’t build too much. The good mix of lean meat and fats makes their value go sky-high, selling at prices three times higher than your regular hog.


Huang’s practice is backed up and featured in a country magazine with the article pointing out, “A pig that eats lots of fresh greens and gets plenty of exercises will have more muscle and less fat than a pig standing in a pig sty eating high carbohydrate grains all day.”

Source: Shanghaiist, Elite Readers