As soon as Elena Shpengler gave birth to her baby, she knew something was wrong. The doctors looked so concerned and wrapped the baby up in blankets – they wouldn’t let Elena see her.

Elena begged for hours to see her daughter until the doctors finally gave in. But as soon as she saw her baby she was shocked and lost consciousness.

Apparently, her daughter, Darina, had been born with serious face disorder that left her with no lips or chin and her face covered in blood.

Doctors told them to just leave the baby at the hospital and forget about her, but the couple who live in the Krasnoyarsk region of Russia refused. They wouldn’t let their daughter go into their country’s grim orphanage system.

Their love for her stepped in. Her husband, Yury, told Elena “She is ours, our girl.”

Sadly the Shpenglers faced intense prejudice and cruelty, not only from strangers but from most of their friends and family.

Adding more insults, some relatives even told the police that Yury and Elena had disfigured their daughter on purpose which led them to move and get away from all those judgmental people.

Elena said, “Only my sister supported me, all other relatives just stopped any communication with us. My brothers, their children, my husband’s mother – nobody wanted to accept Darina.”

The loving parents have never once considered giving up on their beloved daughter despite all the hurtful words and discrimination they faced.

“We do not hide Darina from people. We take her everywhere with us. My husband Yury does not feel ashamed either. He takes Darina everywhere. People told us to put a mask on her but he replied: ‘If you don’t want, don’t look at her – but we accept her the way she is,” Elena said.

Yury and Elana want to give Darina as normal of an upbringing as possible, however, people’s reactions to Darina’s condition makes it hard for them.

When they tried to enroll her in a local kindergarten, she was rejected because other children “would be scared.”

Because of this, social services send two teachers to visit Darina once a week for her basic education but still, Elena wants her to be able to get out and make friends.

She said, “She is such a sociable girl. We have bought lots of toys for her but nothing can replace friends.”

Meanwhile, the doctors in Moscow told Yury and Elena that their daughter Darina will have to undergo major surgery every two years. Amazingly, despite the local doctors failed to support them, the Shpenglers were able to raise money to pay for medical treatment in Moscow.

The three-year-old girl has already completed one surgery where her mouth was sewn to make it smaller, and she is believed to be recovering well.

A long and hard road is still ahead of them. Despite the lack of support, the Shpenglers are determined to carry on and proved the world that their struggles have only made them stronger.

“The truth is, this trouble has only brought us together,” Elena said.

It’s hard for every parent to see their child suffering, and if only there’s way to take those pains away, they are willing to exchange places but unfortunately, they can’t. Instead, they need to be strong for their child.

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