With the popularity of camera phones and photo-sharing apps and websites people have become obsessed with taking photo of themselves. They take all kinds of selfies while eating, in front of a mirror, even naked photos, and post them online or send by private message to their significant others. But sometimes sharing photos may cause trouble among couples if one accidentally sends an incriminating image, like this woman who was caught red-handed cheating by her husband after sending one picture.

A wife away “On Business” decided to Snapchat her husband just before bed, captioned “Hotel room. Going to sleep soon.”


At first one would think that it is just an ordinary photo shared between a romantic couple. Like I said nowadays it is common for people to send intimate photos to their partners, right?

But the second photo that she sent made her husband believe she was cheating and angrily texted, ” Who’s in the hotel room with you?”


The cheating wife answered back that no one was with her and that she set the camera on a timer. But instead of complimenting her, the husband fired back, “Stop lying Chelsea, I know you’re not alone in that hotel room.”


Her husband was convinced that she was cheating but can you see why? Take a closer look…


Apparently he saw this pair of men’s boots under the TV.


Guess that’s enough evidence to prove her infidelity. LOL


Though the source of the original photos is unknown or if this is real, I guess we should all remember the popular saying “Think before you click”. Or in this case, “Think before you cheat.” —Mirror, The Chive