In Spain, Casa Encantada has been dubbed the “most haunted” in the country and the story behind this haunted house is truly terrifying.

Also known as Cortijo Jurado, it was bought and built by the Heredia family of Malaga, one of the wealthiest families of Andalucia, Spain, at that time.

It was constructed as part of a plan to make the farm into a grand agricultural enterprise.

The legend of the haunted Casa Encantada begins in 1850 when mysterious figures were said to be seen walking around, lights in rooms appear and disappear, objects moves for apparently no reason and strange noises are being heard.

Legend says heinous crimes and tortures have happened inside the house since it was built a long time ago.

In 1925, the Jurado family gained control of the property and it was called “the haunted mansion” for its frightening paranormal activities and became the most haunted building in Spain.

However, the story behind the Casa Encantada goes beyond the time of the Heredia family. It is believed that the family would get together with other rich families and kidnapped girls between 18 and 21.

The victims will be subjected to dark satanic ritual, rape and murder and these young girls are buried within the property. During that time many girls went missing, yet no one can prove that the Heredia family was the culprit.

However, every night, screams and strange noises begging for freedom can be heard inside the house. Perhaps they are the young girls craving for justice?

Until this modern age, Casa Encantada still garners a lot of attention after a group of 5 teenagers entered the house and call the spirits using an ouija board.

According to them, a 12-year-old girl named “Elena” responded to their call and told them she was murdered there.

Words saying “murder”, “lots of pain” and “kidnap” then followed.

The group then asked if she was alone in the haunted house and where she was buried. Her creepy replies “not alone”,”girls”, “patio” and “4(meters)” send the group running away in fear. It even gets more frightening when along the way, they witnessed a light that was pointing to a place on the patio.

Casa Encantada’s ghosts are said to be the victims of Heredia family whom they tortured and murdered asking for justice.

Locals claimed that the wealthy family actually used their money and influence to pay off the authorities in order to evade justice.

It seems Casa Encantada will continue to be haunted for many generations to come. Whether the legend is true or not, this old mansion surely is a creeper.

Via: Oddity World