Hiring “professional bridesmaid” in quite common and have a long history in China. But have you ever wondered why they need to hire bridesmaid? Simply to protect the bride.

Being a bridesmaid is such a dangerous responsibility. Bridesmaid are often objectified as part of the wedding display. Thus, they are vulnerable to verbal harassment, and physical and sexual abuse. Such as this bridesmaid who was sexually assaulted by a group of guests while others just laughed and watched.

A woman dressed in blue, believed to be a bridesmaid, was groped by wedding guests.

As she lays on her back, men in suits push to reach her, touching her all over her body.

Some even reaching inside her dress and fondling her breast.

Other wedding guests in the busy room are seen smiling and cheering along, while several took photos on their mobile phones.

The disturbing clip has already been viewed over 1.7 million after being shared at Miaopai, a Chinese video-sharing platform.

Where or when the incident exactly took place is unknown, but one thing is for sure, it’ll spark outrage among netizens.