Proposal is the start of a level up relationship. Would you want it to be sweetly memorable or terrifyingly remembered? Well, this guy chose the latter instead of a romantically sweet one. Though it works somehow.

Vlad Lungu and his girlfriend Alexandra was out for a ride in the city of Brasov in central Romania, when a group of masked men suddenly flagged down their car.

The men who appears to be Police officers pulled Alexandra out of the vehicle and shoved her to the ground.

Police proposal 3

The men shouted at the terrified girlfriend, asking; “Do you know this man?! Do you know what he has got in the trunk?” Then, they grabbed her by the neck and took her to the back of the car so she can see what’s in the trunk.

Police proposal 4

But instead she saw her boyfriend on one knee with a ring in his hand.

Police proposal 5

It was only then she realized everything was staged. The teary eyed woman took quite a while to recover from her fright before she could say “yes”.

Apparently, Vlad asked some friends to dress as policemen next to a fake white police car and wear balaclavas. To make sure his scary proposal is legal, he intentionally misspelled “Polita” instead of “Politia”. Because of that loophole they weren’t exactly impersonating officers.

It appears that there is a law in Romania that forbids anyone from writing the equivalent of ‘Police’ or ‘Ambulance’ on the back of any private vehicles.

Meanwhile, the couple are now planning their wedding. — Via: On Air With Ryan