Sometimes we are quite hesitant to help someone in need. It’s like we’re waiting for somebody to do the initiative before we act. Take this video for example, wherein nobody is helping a suicidal woman (bystander effect), until a goodhearted biker came and save her.

This woman has been causing traffic along a busy road in London.

biker save suicidal woman 1

Sadly, not a single soul tried to check if the woman is still alive and help her. They just simply watched over.

Good thing biker Pawel O came in and immediately approached the woman.

biker save suicidal woman 2

Pawel’s iniative led the other bystanders to help. One by one they came, and eventually saved the woman’s life.

This story only shows that a simple act of kindness can spark an even larger will of fire. Helping someone in need isn’t a bad thing, it actually lifts the heart.