A Banda Aceh-based motor trail community was touring inside a local forest in Indonesia’s westernmost province when a rider suddenly fell off his bike after almost hitting a mysterious small creature.

The lead rider was shocked when saw this unusual creature, thus made him stumble down.

Another rider with the camera attempted to chase the bald-topless figure that looks like a tiny human carrying a wooden spear.

Unfortunately, the bare-footed hobbit quickly retreated into the bushes and disappeared.

The creature appeared to be far shorter than average humans, leading to the curiosity of many. What exactly is this creature? Is it a hobbit or just a fictional being?

Some have suggested that the creature might actually be a member of the legendary Mante tribe, an ethnic group in Aceh. According to legends, the Mante have short bodies and tend to run away when seen by strangers. However, the existence of the Mante tribe has not been proven yet.

Apart from the Mante, there are also other pygmy tribes living in Indonesia such as the Ebu Gogo in Flores, the Oni tribe in Bone, the Uhang Pandak in the Sumatra forest, and the pygmy tribe in Rampasasa, Flores.

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