In your opinion, what kind of abuse is more painful: verbal or physical?

While physical abuse can leave scars that would eventually heal, verbal abuse is worse because it has long-lasting effects on a person’s mentality. Verbal harassment may also lead to physical violence, like in the case of this bully who was knocked out by a husband after he verbally abused his wife in public!

The video starts with the husband arguing with a big guy in an outdoor dining area after the latter throws offending words to his wife.

bully knock down1

He asked, “Why are you talking about my wife like that?” The bully then replied “Whose wife?”

The wife intervened and tried to convince him to stop arguing, saying it’s not worth it.

bully knock down2

But when the verbal abuser kept asking the same question, the annoyed husband sarcastically said, ” You must be talking about his wife, or his wife, or his wife!”

bully knock down3

Somehow, instead of backing down, the bully boastfully admitted that he was indeed talking to the man’s wife.

bully knock down4

Deciding that enough is enough, the husband grabbed a bottle and knocked him out in a single blow!

bully knock down5

Watch the public fight here:

While this video is so satisfying to watch, it is actually staged. the said footage is a prank made by Trollstation to show that verbal harassment is never a good thing.

This is why you should never talk sh*t about another man’s wife. Married or not, women shouldn’t be verbally and physically abused. Lesson learned!

H/T: Elite Readers