Normally young girls would run and hide when armed robbers attacked, however, this girl from Trece Martires, Philippines valiantly faced and chased them despite the danger.

  • 8-year-old girl fought off 4 gun-wielding armed robbers.
  • Brielle Minia jumped into action by grabbing and knocking a bag out of one the thief.
  • She said, if she ever sees those “cowards” again, they’ll be sorry.
  • The brave young girl vowed: “I’ll get them next time.”
8-year-old Brielle Minia hailed hero after she fought off 4 gun-wielding armed robbers, who mugged her father in broad daylight.

The criminals pretend as DVD sellers when the three of them held up BJ Alba at gun point as he returned home in a white 4×4 while the fourth went and raided the family home.

Brielle was playing outside the house when she turned around and saw the four men running towards her after robbing her father.
She then jumped into action when she saw the crime by grabbing and knocking a bag out of one assailant’s hands holding a silver semi-automatic handgun.
Brielle tried to hold on to the bag but the robber took it again as they tried to get away back to their motorcycles.
Amazingly, the brave little girl fearlessly chased the armed men and was then kicked to the ground as they fled on their bikes.
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Brielle suffered cuts and bruises to her face and hands and probably a broken nose but still, she claimed that if she ever sees those “cowards” again, they’ll be sorry.

After spending two nights in hospital she returned home, but she bravely vowed: “I’ll get them next time.”

Via: Feedytv, lailasnews