When we hear the words “born again,” we instantly incorporated it with the religious believers ‘Born Again Christians.’ But what if I told you that there are few who were “literally” born again? Sound impossible right? Whether you believe it or not there are babies who were born twice. Yes, you read it right “twice.” To save you from doubts here’s some amazing stories about babies who were born twice. A story of hope and miracle that goes beyond medical history.

Macie Hope’s Story

In 2008, Chad and Keri McCartney were having a child when doctors spotted a rare and highly fatal tumor growing on the baby’s tailbone during Keri’s fourth month of pregnancy.

The tumor is noncancerous, however it was stealing blood from Macie Hope (baby’s given name) weakening her heart that could be deadly.

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“At that point we didn’t know — we didn’t know what was going to happen,” Keri told CBS News. “We just felt all alone, who will take us, who will help us through this”

Fortunately while surfing the internet, the McCartney’s found Texas Children’s Fetal Center, one of the few hospitals in the world specialize in performing prenatal surgery.

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Macie was “first” born during her six months in the womb. The surgeons cut into Keri’s abdomen, pulled out her entire uterus and then half of Macie’s body. The tumor with the size of a grapefruit was then carefully cut away while monitoring the baby’s heart.

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“I felt like, ‘whoa, this is huge,'” a surgeon said. “I mean, my hands are big and that tumor filled my hand.”

Saline were continuously pumped inside the womb during the operation where half of Macie’s body rest in.

“We don’t bring the whole baby out of the womb because we don’t want the uterus to think the pregnancy is over and the baby’s coming out,” said Dr. Oluyinka Olutoye of Texas Children’s Hospital.

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When the tumor was removed, she was placed back in the womb, where she recovered and grew for 10 more weeks.

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In May 3, 2008, Macie Hope were born the second time. Macy is now a strong and healthy kid.

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Lilly Flores’ story:

It was in 2013 when Lesly Leiva received devastating news during her 12 weeks pregnancy. The doctors found out that her baby had a large tumor growing out of her mouth.

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“The doctors basically declared her dead. They said she wasn’t going to be able to survive or even be born.” Leiva told PEOPLE.

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Leiva, 23, was studying to be a nurse and just came back home in Lakehurst, New Jersey, after the semester was over. She met a specialist at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia where she had a different experience and had a new hope for her baby.

“When I first got to CHOP I didn’t have hope,” she says. “After the first day of being there all day, that’s what I got – hope.”

And in October 2013, at 35 and half weeks of Leiva’s pregnancy, Dr. Holly Hedrick performed a surgery called “exit delivery” on her. It was delicate operation to remove as much of the tumor as Dr. Hedrick could while Lilly (baby’s name) was still in the uterus of her mother.

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“The baby had this huge mass that was coming out of her mouth and the airway was blocked,” Dr. Hedrick said. “So she had to have a tracheostomy in order to obtain an airway during the exit procedure.”

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A follow-up surgeries were made to remove the rest of the tumor and also rebuild her face.

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Now, Lilly Flores grew up to be a typical toddler, a child Leiva thought she wouldn’t see.

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“She’s doing great.  She has progressed a lot. She is eating through her mouth. She is breathing on her own. She’s drinking also by mouth. She’s also at a good height. She’s caught up. It’s definitely a miracle,” Leiva’s thankful words.

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Parents will do anything just to save their child. Thanks to those high-tech equipment’s and highly skilled doctors, these mothers were given a chance to see their beautiful children.

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