It’s supposed to be fun until it turns into a tragic accident.

A West Australian businessman has died in a parasailing accident after plunging 70 meters (230 feet) into a shallow water at a beach in Phuket, Thailand.

According to local reports, operators told police, 71-year-old Roger Hussey accidentally pulled on a hook that unstrapped his harness after confusing the ropes on his parasail.

The old man fell into the water and beachgoers rushed him to the shore. He was barely conscious when medics arrived but was later pronounced dead in hospital.

The shocking accident was reportedly filmed by his wife.

The police have charged the parasailing operator, who was also the boat driver and company owner, with negligence causing death.

According to Rungroj Rakcheep, the Parasailing operator performed a safety check on Mr. Hussey before they took off.

He said, “I told him to hold on to the front part of the harness and to run along but he held on to clips. And it seemed that his body was tightened up.”

However, Rungroj Rakcheep who flew with Hussey told the police that the businessman felt nervous and started panicking as soon as they were pushed up to the air.

They also claimed that they were already suspicious of Roger’s behavior of suicide waved his hands in circles before he unbuckled his harness.

But Roger’s wife totally dismissed the claim and said they’ve been watching people parasailing to check if he could handle the activity.

Mr. Hussey and his wife.

She said, “My husband wanted to try it because it was a new experience for him. He was in good health and had no problems in his life that would have caused him to do this on purpose.”

Thai police lieutenant colonel Pichai Songmu said that the case is still under investigation but charged with negligence causing death to the parasailing operator and the boat driver still stands.

Via: ABC