Bullying is a very serious issue that happens usually in school. Everyday, millions of kids around the world are afraid of going to school because of kids who verbally and physically abuse them. Hundreds of kids and teens have committed suicide due to bullying. Parents of bullying victims are seriously affected by it as well.

What can and would you do if your child is being bullied? Instead of confronting the bully, one father decided to do a very cool hip hop anti-bullying video.

Khari Toure, an American internet celebrity, poet, and spoken-word artist, wrote a beautiful rap song called “Love Yourself” which he dedicated to his 6-year old daughter who was a bullying victim.

The lyrics are inspiring and empowering to children because it talks about how each person is unique and special.
Khari has appeared on several American talk shows to perform this anti-bullying song.

Instead of teaching kids to defend themselves by fighting back, educating them about positive self-image is the best way to solve bullying. Have you ever been bullied or do you know anyone who is a bullying victim? Please share this post to them.