Andrew Weatherly is a remarkable man living with a down syndrome. He’s an award-winning artist whose work can be found in galleries across the country.

The story of Andrew will bring joy not just to families living with someone with similar condition as Andrew’s but also, to those who needed an inspiration to carry on.

To Andrew, art is more than just a talent. It allowed him an element of expression that speaking doesn’t necessarily afford him.

ArtLifting describe him as:AndreWeatherly

“Andrew is a pretty multi-dimensional guy. He’s a very abstract thinker and takes things not just at face value but as an intuitive sense to see the depth and accepts an inner side of people that some people don’t necessarily know this themselves.” – His Mom said.

“When I dream, I think about a sky full of stars and wishing to be among them. Glowing together with the stars feels warming like touching night lights and soaring out into the shimmering night. Each start’s uniqueness symbolizes everybody’s gifts. Each stars radiates the light in all of us.” – Andrew Weatherly

Quote about disability by Jim Abbott
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