If there’s one thing everyone would want from a marriage proposal, that’s to be “surprised.” And that’s exactly what Cymber got from her boyfriend Seth McMurry.

Cymber thought she was just making an action film for his Seth’s brother’s YouTube channel AndrewMFilms. Little did she know, it was all planned by her boyfriend to make the most romantic yet badass proposal of all time.

In the clip, titled ‘Explosive Engagement‘, the couple run along the rooftop of a parking garage in Little Rock, Arkansas as a helicopter fires at them.

An Explosive Engagement 6Image credit: Buzzfeed

In the last scene, Cyber’s knight in shining armor saves her from being hit by the crashing helicopter.

An Explosive Engagement 7Image credit: Buzzfeed

Cymber then picks herself up and looks over the building’s edge without realizing that Seth had already abandoned his character…

An Explosive Engagement 1Image credit: Carly Rae Fehlberg

And when she turns around, she was shocked to see Seth kneeling down with the ring in hand.

An Explosive Engagement 3Image credit: Carly Rae Fehlberg

Tears of joy flowed down her face…this wasn’t in the script!

An Explosive Engagement 4Image credit: Carly Rae Fehlberg

She can barely speak as she says ‘yes’ but clearly it is a mission accomplished!

An Explosive Engagement 5Image credit: Carly Rae Fehlberg

Watch the most epic proposal ever:


Seems like guys are getting more and more creative with their proposals nowadays. With those kind of ‘surprise’ who would say NO?

H/T: Huffingtonpost