Is it a cylinder or a rectangle? This mind-boggling optical illusion has the internet baffled.

This trick is pretty confusing. How in the world did that plastic rectangles reflect as cylinders?Ambiguous Cylinder Illusion 1
To make it more confusing, when the set of rectangles was rotated, it changes its shape so as the reflection.Ambiguous Cylinder Illusion 2
And when it made a 360 turn, it turned into circles!Ambiguous Cylinder Illusion 3
This isn’t some sort of sorcery, right?


Apparently, this puzzling optical illusion made by Kokichi Sugihara called “Ambiguous Cylinder Illusion” won second place at the Best Illusion of The Year Contest. Well that illusion really makes my brain bleed. I know it is just fooling my eyes but I can’t see any logical explanation about this. Lucky, someone unveiled the secret behind the trick.

Devon, from 3D printing company Make Anything, revealed the mystery behind the illusion by ‘reverse engineering’ it. Apparently, the real shape of the object is a mixture of circle and square and the one edge is curved upwards, while the other edge is sloped downwards. Thus it creates an effect of different shapes when rotated with the help of a perspective angle.

Here’s how it works.

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