X-rays revealed the secret of penguins. Apparently, they have knees!

What about the other animals? Can you imagine them under the x-rays? You better see them for yourself but you might freak out on these images.  And may never look at them the way you did before!

1. I never thought that penguins have knees.


According to penguins.neaq.org, “A penguin’s leg is composed of a short femur, knee, tibia and fibula. The upper leg bones are not visible as they are covered in feathers giving penguins a very short-legged appearance. Take a look at these x-rays of one of our penguins and you can see the leg bones, including the knee joint and how most of it is covered in the penguin’s body.”

2. Seahorses are pretty damn cool.

enhanced-16652-1393237236-3Sandra J. Raredon, Division of Fishes, NMNH / Via Flickr: nmnh / Creative Commons

3. Goldfish have bones in their fins.

enhanced-26076-1392996344-1Hugh Turvey / Via x-rayartist.com

4. This how a diving bird makes itself streamlined.

enhanced-28064-1392996347-17Hugh Turvey / Via x-rayartist.com

5. Dachshunds have a long spine.

enhanced-28983-1392996346-12Hugh Turvey / Via x-rayartist.com

6. You wouldn’t want to mess with a sawfish.

enhanced-buzz-1194-1393247929-14 Sandra J. Raredon, Division of Fishes, NMNH / Via Flickr: nmnh / Creative Commons

7. Bats are still quite creepy.

enhanced-buzz-2599-1391182315-13Chris Thorn xrayartdesign.co.uk, Wellcome Images / Via wellcomeimages.org

8. A chicken’s leg is quite long.

enhanced-buzz-6834-1392140982-12Arie van ’t Riet / x-rays.nl

9. Chameleon are not always good at blending in.

enhanced-buzz-7910-1392140847-11Arie van ’t Riet / x-rays.nl

10. Rays are much more complicated than their smooth exterior.

enhanced-buzz-8748-1392140890-16Arie van ’t Riet / x-rays.nl

11. Moles have huge freaky claws.

enhanced-buzz-16076-1391161036-20Chris Thorn xrayartdesign.co.uk, Wellcome Images / Via wellcomeimages.org

12. Lizards are basically a long spine.

enhanced-buzz-20034-1392141184-32Arie van ’t Riet / x-rays.nl

13. Duck’s beaks are basically their whole head.

enhanced-buzz-20327-1392140870-27Arie van ’t Riet / x-rays.nl

14. Monkeys are scarily humans.

enhanced-buzz-20533-1392140953-12Arie van ’t Riet / x-rays.nl

15. Imagine cats without ears.

enhanced-buzz-20601-1392140931-8Arie van ’t Riet / x-rays.nl

16. Porcupinefish are extremely spiky.

enhanced-buzz-30768-1393241881-8Sandra J. Raredon, Division of Fishes, NMNH / Via Flickr: nmnh / Creative Commons