Want to learn something new? Just simply look at these photos and be amazed. You probably haven’t seen any of these before, but yes these they actually exist.  Check out these rare and unusual photos that will blow your mind!

1. An eclipse and a sunset, occurring at the same time.

An eclipse and a sunset

2. The space shuttle Atlantis seen by the International Space Station.


3. A sand bar near the Bermuda Triangle that destroyed 16 ships.

Bermuda Triangle

4. An aerial view of a bridge over icy water.

bridge over icy water

5. An arctic wolf made only using pipe cleaners.

arctic wolf

6. A loaf of glass art. Each slice is worth about $5,000.

A loaf of glass art

7. What a liter bottle looks like before adding compressed air.


8. A cabinet carved to look like it was a glitch.


9. One tricky picture (Yes this is just one mind blowing picture).

tricky perspective

10. The most incredible thing you can do with a stack of coins.


11. The deepest swimming pool (113ft) can hold 600,000 gallons of water.

deepest swimming pool

12. The difference a decade makes in Dubai.


13.  Manhattan in the present day and what it would have looked like 400 years ago.


14. A rare photo of the Hoover Dam before there was water.

Hoover Dam

15. A giant sword memorial on the coast of Norway.

giant sword memorial

16.  A picture of fireworks, taken by a camera that refocused during the explosion.


17. This fish eats prey 10x it’s size and mass.

fish eats prey

18. The epic Fukang Meteorite.

Fukang Meteorite.

19. Perfect cubes of pyrite formed naturally.

cubes of pyrite

20. Bismuth and its iridescent surface.


21. Glass that melted during a building fire.

Glass that melted

22. What the human jaw looks like before losing baby teeth.

human jaw

23. This is what the inside of any airliner looks like.

inside of any airliner

24. A talented lizard shed his skin in one, smooth attempt.

lizard shed

25. What grass looks like after being struck by lightning.


26. A resourceful way to use old rail cars as bridges.


old rail cars

27. A path-laying machine that weaves bricks together.

path-laying machine

28. A tiny sea turtle rides a jelly fish.

sea turtle rides a jelly fish

Source: Viral Nova | Images via Imgur