Rodent infestation has been a great problem since the ancient time. In fact, a plague cause by rats called “Black Death” killed an estimated 450 million people during the 14th century that reduced the world population.

Though the world has found a way to prevent this outbreak again, disease from rats can still take the life of a full grown healthy adult in just four days. So the danger is still there waiting for the moment to strike back.

To add more scare on rodent’s capability of taking human life, people are now seeing giant rats. A photo of a giant rat had gone viral after being posted on social media sites.

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They say, the rat the man was holding  with a tong looks huge because of the angle when it was taken and it’s not also clear when and where it was caught.

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However, giant rats do exist! Daily Mail called them “giant mutant rats” that’s lurking across UK. These pests are twice the size of the normal and there are some as big as cats.
Discovered in Cornwall last year measured 50cm
What’s more alarming, these giant mutant rats can’t be killed in traditional poisoning. A genetic test done by Huddersfield University revealed that some rodents have developed an immune system that made them resistant to conventional poisons. That’s truly terrifying!
This rat found in Swindon is the largest on record for the Wiltshire town.
This rat found in Swindon is the largest on record for the Wiltshire town.

Sources: Daily Mail | singaporeseen.stomp

Those enormous pests can bring disease that can wipe out half of human race if their mutation keeps advancing. If they can reduced the world’s population when they were still small, what more if they started to get big?